Friday, September 26, 2008

Never Outshine the Master (Laws of Power)

This series will focus on my interpretation of the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Not so much because I want power but more so because I want to change my attitude and character so as not to offend anyone. At the same time, I think this can be a good reference in figuring out the personalities of people around me and figuring out whom among them is trying to manipulate me. (^o^)/

Rule #1: Never Outshine the Master

Those in high standing want to feel like kings and queens: They want to feel secure and superior to those around them whether it be in terms of intelligence, wit, or charm. It is a misperception (I personally fall victim to this) to believe that by flaunting your gifts and talents, you are winning their affection. In fact, instead of winning their affection, you might be making them feel the opposite - instilling fear and insecurity. They become insecure of their positions and fearful that you might replace them someday.

"Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power."

You may think that these rules of power may only be applied in the work setting, but truly, they are universal and can be applied everywhere. These can even be applied to the family setting as well. Personally, I believe I would be able to handle situations with my mom better if I apply these rules. (^o^)v

Sometimes I am tempted to ride along and flaunt whatever I have, especially when faced with braggarts or people I cannot get along with. Now I know better. Staying humble and meek and maintaining a low-profile might work to my advantage in the long run. In order to accomplish this, I think feeling secure about oneself is key as well. If you are secure of yourself, you are less likely to retaliate in the advances and insecurities of others.

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