Monday, September 22, 2008

Mama Diaries: Mom and the Washing Machine

Mama enters the house tired and downhearted. She just came from hanging the laundry out in the garden. She opens up and says "The washing machine got BURNT", she said in the vernacular. Believe me, those were her exact words. I was eating breakfast and trying to ignore her but I couldn't help but react on how a washing machine can flame up and burn down to the ground. Knowing her, I knew she meant something else, of course. She then goes on to explain that while washing the laundry, the washing machine suddenly stopped spinning and that she smelled smoke coming from it. It seems like the washing machine has over heated.

She then enumerates the possible causes of why this could have happened. First on the list were my dry fit shirts! She said that they were too silky, not allowing any friction, jamming the spinning mechanism in the machine. Next, were my socks! Being small in size, she speculates that my socks somehow found a way to enter the machine and jam it. Next, probably the most feasible one, she said that she might have put too much load on it.

Not agreeing with her first two theories and disinterested in a follow up conversation I continue with eating my breakfast and sipping my freshly made juice. As if remembering her own share of fresh juice, she goes to the refrigerator to get hers. She then comes back and inquire why the refrigerator's light wouldn't turn on. I said calmly, "brown out (black out)."

The angel of enlightenment swiftly flies pass us, leaving a trace of laughter in the air. "Why didn't you say so in the first place!" mama quickly quips, as if she had already asked.

It turns out there was nothing wrong with the washing machine. It was the black out that caused the machine to stop.

Now I'm wondering how I should equate a machine getting burnt with that of a black out. In any case, knowing about the black out seemed to have lifted mama's spirit, probably thinking that she may not have to replace the washing machine after all. (^O^)/

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  1. It does sound like the Size of the load could have caused the Washing Machine to "Burn" not sure how a black out could make it smoke though

  2. @ Braeg

    Hi! There was no smoke, it was just that the washing machine smelled that of a burnt engine. You know, the usual smell of engines that have been turned on for quite some time.

  3. your mom must have had a good laugh after realizing that it wasn't burned but rather there was a blackout =)
    i remember, way back then,i kept on fixing our washing machine because the rats kept on chewing the wires :D

  4. @ellecul

    hehehe ^^ yup she did.
    gamit na gamit ang pagiging engineer mo sa bahay ha. hehehe ^^

  5. no stephen, blackout or not ... it's all your fault!

  6. @charlotte

    yes, it's always ME, ME, ME!
    ako, AKO, AKO! parate nalang AKO! hihihi (^o-)v


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