Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lunch @ Kitchen Macaroni

"Where is Kitchen Macaroni?" you might wonder. It actually sounds weird for a restaurant name. Well, maybe here in the Philippines but in Japan, western-style restaurants have funny names like this one.

Over the weekend, I watched the J-Drama series "Lunch Queen" or "ランチの女王" in Japanese. I truly enjoyed the series. It made me realize how much I miss watching J-Dramas. Unlike Philippine and Korean telenovelas, J-Dramas only last for around 11 to 12 episodes which is just enough for a quarter of a year. As a result, stories develop faster and writers are forced to focus on a single theme. Just like this series which focuses on Natsumi, the main character, whom by extraordinary circumstances gets involved with a family of 5 men running a western style restaurant. And not only were the writers successful in injecting seriousness and drama in the episodes but they did a good job of injecting humor as well. Japanese humor is actually one which I can relate to unlike American humor which is sometimes hard to understand.

Another reason why I like watching J-Dramas is because mostly these dramas show a different side of Japanese society. Through the series you get a glimpse of how Japanese people really are despite experiencing something totally quite the opposite in real society. Somehow bottled thoughts, emotions, and ideals are reflected in these dramas. And in every series I've watched, there is a strong sense of idealism towards society and the world in general that just never fails to attract me.

My sister actually saw the series first and suggested we open a restaurant similar to Kitchen Macaroni. After watching the series, I fell in love with the restaurant myself and it would be a dream come true to be able to open a similar one just like that of Kitchen Macaroni. (More on this in my following post.)

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