Friday, September 19, 2008

The Hazards of Blogging

Blogging is fun. A friend says it can also be therapeutic. It can be used to generate extra cash. It can catapult you to fame. No doubt blogging offers a lot of benefits but it can be dangerous as well.

Running a personal blog like this site, endangers the writer from over exposure. Not only are you exposing your life for the world to see but you are exposing friends and families as well. Often times, bloggers are caught between what's appropriate and inappropriate to post. As for me, I try to write anything I think would be interesting to you, my readers. But of course, I don't write about everything. I think it's just natural for people to keep some things just for themselves.

This post is turning out to be a serious one (and I wanted to make you laugh ... geez) but all I really wanted to say was ... if you're not careful enough you can really risk over exposing yourself. Just like what happened to NFL star Chris Cooley! Wanting to share his team's playbook to the fans, he takes a picture of the playbook resting on his lap and posted the picture just before his game (Sept. 15) for the world to see. The catch is, he was naked while taking the picture and something else was trying to take a peek at the playbook! (^^;)

(Read the complete article here.)

I hope this made you smile. (^O^)/

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