Saturday, December 01, 2007

the ONE

It’s December! How are your holiday preparations guys?
Wishing all of you the happiest holiday season ever!

a lone shining red light

Remember those mystery games where in one is given an ending situation and then one has to guess what happened just by asking questions answerable by YES or NO? Try and guess the story behind the lone shining red light in the picture above! Below are some possible answers to your questions. (The story behind it can be found in the comments section) (^O^)/


  • No, I didn’t run out of colorless lights.

  • No, this wasn’t done on purpose (decorating style).

  • Yes, I have another series of lights in red with one colorless bulb.

  • No, this light doesn’t flash.

  • Yes, the other series of lights in red with one colorless bulb does flash.

  • No, the colorless lights were just bought recently.

  • Yes, the red lights are old.

  • Yes, I wanted the red lights to flash.

  • And Yes, I wanted the colorless lights not to flash.

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  1. I had one series of flashing colorless lights and one series of steady red lights, but what I wanted for our decoration was the opposite. After 5 hours of tinkering with it, (changing bulbs, cutting wires!) I finally got what I wanted. Did you know that only 1 bulb is responsible for making your lights flash? Quite unbelievable really but true! Somehow this bulb is designed to allow electric current to flow for a certain time and then block it for a certain time as well, thus simulating a flashing sequence. (Yeah, I’m a geek. Hehehe) The picture is of my colorless lights series that now doesn’t flash. ^^

    Truly ONE can make a difference! (^o-)v

  2. finally! you found ur answer hahahaha
    Mura mana only rose among the thorns oi

  3. hehehe after so many hours! ^^ grabe ang design nila! what if that bulb is broken and had to be replaced? no more flashing lights! hehehehe

  4. "only 1 bulb is responsible for making your lights flash"
    hey! how did you figure that out?

  5. @rose

    Hi! I looked for it ^^ If you remove that bulb and substitute it with another, the lights stop flashing ^^ And putting that bulb on a non flashing series makes them flash. cool noh? hehehe ^^

  6. nag ask pa lang ka, kabalo ko ani. hehehe. ka hel;) i learned it from my tatay.

  7. @cating
    hahaha ^^ share your knowledge oi! mau lagi hell jud! hehehe ^^ pero with experience comes learning so ok lang pud ... i'll make sure to pass it on to my children wahahaha ^^

  8. ideru( 2:15 PM

    hehehe.. kung wala ng the one kay di mosiga ang whole line..

    yup tig tabang sab ko sa akong mama og ilis ani nya before ... ambot unsa to ngalan ani nya hhehe

  9. @ideru

    hehehe ^^ mau jud! ^^
    ambot ngano ing ana ila pag ka design bati au. hehehe

  10. Hohoho tanan na lang i-analyze... complicate simple stuff jud.

    It's called blinker bulb and it looks different from non-blinking ones, right?. :D

    i bet you'll go check your Christmas lights.

  11. wehehehe ^^ I don't know if it looks different pero it looked the same when before. i'll check sometime hehehe


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