Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Being Homeless

I was born and raised in Davao city. It is the place I call my hometown. First sixteen years of my life was spent there. After high school, I went to Manila to get my bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering. After which, I went straight to Japan for training and work. And now, I’m in Cebu, still for work. Twelve years has passed since I left. I’m not proud to say that the place I call home is now strange to me. The only reason left why I still call it my hometown is because my parents still live there.

A friend once asked me to write a blog about Davao, I said that I’d do my best. Now, trying to write about her, I realize that my heart is just not into it. I don’t know what Davao is anymore. Not knowing her is like losing a part of my identity. Quite sad actually. Unless I get to know her again, it’s as if I’m homeless.

Philippine Eagle Sanctuary (Calinan, Davao)

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  1. hey stephen... i'll be in davao from mar 7-11 (beej will be with me from mar 10-11). kitakits tayo! :) what's your email add? send me a message, if you're free: benjbayutas @


  2. hi benj!

    wow! that's great! bakasyon kayo dun?

    I'm working in Cebu ... won't be going home that time... sayang.
    Would have been nice to go places with you guys sa Davao, pero ... yoko din maging scorer hehehe ^^

    enjoy ur trip!

  3. hello sunjun! i found your blog via enrico pangan's. when i read that you were born in davao and still consider it your hometown, i decided to include you in the Davao Blogspace. it's an aggregator site of all blogs that are by davaoeños or are davao-related. upcoming: davao blogs directory! :)

  4. btw, i forgot: in case you'll be in davao for the araw ng dabaw festival, there will also be a davao bloggers party on the 17th. check this out if you wanna come or if you'd like to tell your blogger friends about the party.

  5. Hi blogie robillo!

    Thanks for visiting my site. Heard about the davao blogspace before through hoop addict. Do you know him? Just didn't sign up for it yet. Thanks for including me in it.

  6. yeah, i know hoop. we're in cahoots organizing the davao blog party #1. if you're gonna be in davao on 17 march, join in!

  7. Phen, u should definitely come home! See, many people wanna see u! haha if ever u'll back in Davao, text me! :) dont be a stranger =p Btw, Love ur blogs :D

  8. thanks for dropping by mindz! e-pasyal niya ko sa davao ha. hihihi ^^

  9. stephen,

    i have the exact opposite reaction to Cagayan De Oro. I was born there, stayed for seven years, lived in Davao for four years, then went back for two years before relocating with the family to Manila. Manila has been my base since then, but Cagayan de Oro will always be home. When I'm there, I just feel like I belong. It's like the embrace of a mother, or sipping a cup of hot chocolate while staring at the rain outside. Being there gives me peace.

  10. Hi Jennee!

    That's why I'm back in Davao now.
    (and loving it!)!

    Truly, there's no place like home.

    I love the simplicity and tranquility of life here.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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