Thursday, February 01, 2007

Before January Ends

I can’t possibly let January pass without writing a single blog. It may look as if I’m having an extended vacation but the truth is, I really am having one! (^.^)v And so now, while waiting for my laundry to finish, in my friend’s apartment, in this city where lions have fins and throng of Filipino IT professionals have recently been spotted , I write my first blog for this year. (What?! Oh! It’s February already! (^^;) )

Wonder Hopping

Just a month after conquering the Great Wall of China, I went straight to another world wonder, the Banaue Rice Terraces. It was mid afternoon when my friends and I got there but the place was gloomy already (must be because of the typhoon in the south ^^). Dressed as pseudo-aliens we walked along the terraces itself. What a view! Too bad though that when we got to the spot that appears in our 1000 peso bill, the place was foggy. But not to be dismayed, we enjoyed frolicking in the clouds.

Next stop for us was Sagada. Riding alongside cliffs and with a visibility of only 2 meters ahead of us (not to mention having to take all these in an empty stomach ^^), it was the most scary van ride I’ve ever taken. Watching the hanging coffins, spelunking in Sumaging cave, and enjoying the local dishes (pinikpikan na manok) were among the highlights.

Banaue & Batad Rice Terraces pictures
Sagada pictures

Boom Tarat-Tarat

Meanwhile, back in Cebu. My teammates and buddies were preparing for our Christmas party presentation.
Here’s our 3000 peso-winning Boom tarat-tarat Christmas carol presentation! Enjoy!

Boom Tarat tarat.MPG

Beep ... Beep-beep! There goes the washing machine.

Got to hang my clothes for now ^^ ciao!

(Okay-okay, my laundry finished hours ago ^^)

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  1. masmagaling pa kayo sa OK GO! wooohooo!

  2. @anonymous

    salamat! compliment ba to?
    hahaha ^^

    ndi pa ko nakakapanuod ng OK GO e.

  3. I dance in scout's Christmas party this year ^^
    Maraming salamat!!

  4. @misaki

    good luck on your dance!
    kamusta na?


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