Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick or Treat

Previously on …

Sun Jun decides to maintain his own site, hoping that his friends will know him more through his blogs.

Introduces how he got his nickname and introduces his family.

Took you with his adventures in Manila and his first time experience as a SCUBA diver.

Opened up his hopes and aspirations in the near future only to know that he needs to find new ones.


Red duffel bag looks as if it’s going to explode. 22 T-shirts, 6 shorts, 10 boxer shorts, 2 hand towels, 9 sport shirts, 9+1 briefs, 1 handkerchief, and 20 pairs of socks. 80 items for laundry.

3 x 10 inch plastic cellophanes: 1, 2, 3. A walk to the water dispenser. Fill each cellophane up to this line, tie, oops! the knot slipped, try to tie again … and again. 1, 2, 3 … lay each tube neatly in the freezer.

E-ticket confirmation email arrives. File, Print, Preferences, Print Layout, 2 in 1 page, 2 copies. Fold confirmation in half. Highlight name, flight number, date, and time of departure.

All day staring at the monitor in the office trying to be productive. Zzzzz …

10 kilos @ 40 pesos/ kilo for wash and fold service. That’s 400 pesos for laundry. Should I get a washing machine? (around 3-weeks worth of clothes ~ 133 pesos / week)

Fill the red jug with 2 ice tubes. It has to be 2 to last atleast 4 hours. Fill with ice water. Be ready for the game. What’s the 3rd ice tube for? For anyone in the office who feels the sudden urge to put ice in his drinks.

Magnet 1 copy on my PC where I can see it. Keep one copy inside bag. Do not delete confirmation email.

Zzzz … ahhh! (a thought) Why not make a halloween virus? tap! tat-tat-tap! tat tat tat … (manic typing )


What’s this blog about? Who knows? The trick is from the moment you accessed this site, the halloween virus script I made launched itself into your computer. It needs exactly 45 seconds to infiltrate your computer and disguise itself. So unless you’re a speed reader, the virus must be in your PC by now. The only way to kill it is if you treat me by leaving a message on the comment page and selecting the “publish your comment” button. Make sure to wait for confirmation that your comment was posted.

Happy Halloween! (^^;)

I know it’s too early for April fool’s, just trying out my luck anyway. Hehehe ^^ The virus is a hoax ^^

In one series that I saw, they said that once our body decays to a level beyond recognition, the only way to identify a corpse is through dental records. Here’s mine … click here.

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  1. I think I'm watching too much TV series lately ... Stayed up 3 nights just to finish them.

    This week I've been introduced to "Prison Break" and "Heroes" !!!

    Can't wait for the next episodes!

    Hiro Nakamura of Heroes is so funny! hehehe

  2. Dude! Too much free time is bad for your health. Hehe. BTW, you flying to where? Japan? Manila?

  3. naunahan mo ako stephen... dapat ganyan ang gagawin ko sa next blog post ko... "previously on..." tagal ko na kasing hindi nakakapag-post eh... ;) oh well, isip na lang ng bago. :)

  4. Hi Rico!
    Went home to Davao for the Undas ^^
    Although I ended up sleeping the whole day sa house! Didn't go with my family to the cemetary. hehehe

    Hi Benj!
    hehehe ^^ pwede mo pa rin gawin ... ibang style naman ^^ Nahirapan nga ako e-pursue yung ganun theme ... dapat meron pa nga sana scenes for next week's blog
    hehehe ^^

  5. Blog (with photos)about Davao. I haven't seen much of the place though I've been there many times.

  6. noverei!
    ok will try ... pero I stayed home all the time I was there ... been away for 7 years na din. hehehe
    maybe I can do a comparison ... before and now ^^

  7. hi step! saw you through rico's blog... kumusta na my fellow kenshusei? ;P

  8. Hi Hoop!

    Can't quite figure out yet kung sino ka hehehe ^^ I saw your blog and comments in Rico's blog before. I thought you were one of his foreigner friends in Kagoshima. ^^

    Ang alam ko lang ngayon is that you're a lasalista(did i spell this correctly?) and that you may be from Davao. ^^ Pakilala ka naman ^^

    Thanks for leaving a comment
    Keep in touch! If you're in Davao now, kita tayo when I go home ^


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