Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sun Jun

Like my new year’s resolutions, coming up with blogs for this site is proving to be a tough one! Sorry for the delay … (pretending to sound like I have my own avid followers now … ^^ hehehe)

Well, I guess, you’re wondering who Sun Jun is? Most of you probably thought that it’s my chinese name … well you guessed … wrong! (^^;) Sun Jun is my idol! He’s a former world no.1 badminton player from China. I pretend to be him when I play badminton (and wish to be as good as him someday! Aim high! ^^) Unfornately he’s retired now so I don’t see much of him anymore. (Like my tennis idol, Michael Chang! ^^) People say we look alike also (but that’s what people always say ^^ … I look like any typical chinese guy they meet. hehehe ^^)

Lately though, my enthusiasm for badminton is beginning to wane. (Ahhhh~)
Not only is the physical stress getting to me but the mental and emotional stress as well. Like any other sport, you have to be mentally tough to win in badminton. And when you keep on losing, it can make you real crazy! That’s right! I’ve lost more than I’ve won! Hence, the stress hehehe (^o^)v I’m not the type who gives up easily though, so I’m gonna keep on trying whenever I can. And because, it’s not just about winning …(^.-) (Fill in the dots ^^ )

Recently , I’ve bought a Digital SLR camera. I’ve turned to photography as my new challenge/hobby (Aside from playing in the CASINO! ^^). I’ve always loved to take pictures. I like to capture the moments. That’s because I easily tend to forget things, specially the details. So when I go someplace, I make sure everything is well documented. Yes! Documented is the right word. I make it a point to take a photo of everything that catches my eye.

Hope to take YOUR portrait someday!

(pictures here...)

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