Thursday, August 31, 2006

Feel the Magic! (My Last Friday Group)

Feel the MAGIC! Ever heard of that catch phrase? I certainly felt it when I went there. Where else, but only on our very own Enchanted Kingdom.

My Last-Friday group and I went to Manila during the long weekend encompassing the Ninoy Aquino Day. There we visited the Enchanted Kingdom, went to stay in a resort in Laguna, climbed the peaks(???) of Taal, and felt the different kind of malling experience in Metro Manila. (^^;)

The conception of the trip started with the ever-so-generous offer of Cebu Pacific’s 1-peso fare promo and grandiose visions of seeing the beauty of the Rice Terraces in Banawe and experiencing the natural beauty of Sagada. Well, that was the plan. One of my friends (Ahem!) went ahead to see Sagada and so we had to change it (Actual reason is because we didn’t have enough time to go there ^^ hehehe Peace bro!). We thought of going to the hundred islands in Panggasinan but after we heard that it wasn’t so good, we decided to enjoy our time in Tagaytay instead. Reasonable choice considering that most of us wanted to feel the magic in EK, located conveniently right beside Tagaytay! This is a testimony of the fact that if you plan something way ahead of time it will eventually change. Hehehe (^^;) (Promo fare was in February, Ninoy Aquino Day in August)

We don’t actually have a name for our group. I just fondly call us my Last-Friday group because of some things that we do(did?) together every last friday of the month. (Ano kaya iyon?! (--,) ) Yeah, it could be “did” because we haven’t done so in the past months due to supersonically depleting resources (hint * hint) (the crystal kind, not the vespene gas type (I used to play but not anymore …)). I miss those days! … Sadly 3 of the original boys (hint * hint again) …weren’t able to join us on this trip (Ahem! Ahem! Mr. ActionFigure can be excused but the two of you? Ahem! nalang Hahaha) We are all officemates and the group is expanding to include girlfriends, former officemates, old friends, and friends of friends. I really like this group. I hope I’ll never get tired of them (I have a not so good reputation of doing so :( ). Let me rephrase that last sentence … I know I’ll never get tired of them. I choose not to. (^:^)

In EK, we had fun in the rides especially with the bump cars (They ganged up on ME! huhuhu :(), Anchor’s Away (Weeeh!), and the bloody 4D Theater (Eat your 3D-heart out IMAX!). We enjoyed the scenery (Go! Realto girls!) and Mr. SpaceShuttle learned his lesson. (^.^)v

In Laguna, we watched Josh Groban’s live concert, relaxed in the hot spring pools, and lost our money in a game of in-between to Mr. Caltex (who just happens to be the most FORTUNate among us). Josh Groban you said? Yup! Live in DVD format, complete with subtitles. Hehehe ^^

In Taal, we sailed through raging waters, climbed like hell, endured the horse-dung-filled-smelly path to enjoy the view way up.

In Manila, we revelled at the thousands of choices from food, to clothes and books, awed at the mere sight of the Mall of Asia, longed to go ice skating, marvelled (and somewhat felt dizzy) watching IMAX, shopped ‘til we dropped (greenhills!), and was ecstatic to see and once again be united with good old friends (Lord no more trials please! (^o^)/).

Mind you, we accomplished all these with our low budgets! ^^

Looking back, I realized that what made our trip memorable and fun wasn’t just the challenging rides nor the charming wizard in EK, it wasn’t just the gigantic Mall of Asia, it wasn’t just the beauty of Taal, it wasn’t just the bargain prices in greenhills, it wasn’t just the IMAX 3D experience but also it was because of the company I was with … all of us in the group. Each one contributed to make the trip worthwhile, enjoyable, and fun! I felt the magic through my friends. Even the infamous Manila-traffic couldn’t stop us …
(o^.^)o o(^.^o)

This goes to all my friends who make my world magical, DOUMO ARIGATOU!

See our pictures here ...

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